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6 Good Ideas For Eating Well On The Train

This year, it is sworn, we will not ruin the restaurant car. Our tips for picnicking on the vacation train victory996.

Have a gourd

Stopping plastic bottles by buying a gourd is: spending less, reducing environmental impact, and preserving one’s health by protecting oneself from potentially toxic substances present in plastic bottles. Choose it in stainless steel: it’s light and has no unpleasant taste. Insulated, it’s even better for drinking cold. Fill it at home and add a few drops of lemon juice or a sprig of mint for an even cooler picnic break, .

The right box

It should be light (keep the glass jars for the house) and airtight. If it has several compartments like Japanese bento boxes, this is the best. Do not forget the cutlery and choose them small or foldable to lock them in the box the finished meal. It’s less messy.

A leaky picnic

The tomato salad that flows to the bottom of the bag is painful. When traveling, favor dry foods: a good sandwich, a mini-quiche, a slice of savory cake, vegetable intake, make sticks of carrot, cucumber (without the seeds, too watery, we advise you put in a gazpacho), and wash some chewable radishes.

Reusable packaging

To pack your sandwich, forget the aluminum foil (too dangerous, too polluting) and use these new eco-friendly 100% natural and reusable packaging like bee’s wrap.

What about dessert?

Fruits, we still have not found it better to eat while traveling: it has its own natural packaging and can be crunched without putting it everywhere (especially the apple). Choose them organically to be able to eat them with the skin, wash them before leaving, but the most fragile in a box (apricots or very ripe plums…), forget the specimens a little too odorous like the banana and on the way. For a little more indulgence, add to the picnic bag some cookies that do not fear the heat: Shortbread nuts, shortbread poppy, madeleines old.

Don’t forget the towel

Wiping your hands with the toilet paper on the train lacks chic: remember to bring a large cloth towel. It can even be used as a tablecloth to cover your tablet. By closing an eye, you will already think you are having lunch on the grass.