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10 Things To Do To Not Be Bored During A Train Trip

A train journey is, without a doubt, the most wonderful experiences in life when you decide to go on vacation or sightseeing. But often the journey takes hours, and it can get boring, so you have to find cool things to do. Discover 10 activities to do to make your train experience more enjoyable and entertaining.

Relax and admire the landscapes

To have fun by train, admire the landscapes. They are breathtaking on a train. Sit back in your comfortable chair and enjoy it because only a train trip can discover landscapes of raw nature. Do not hesitate to use your binoculars to see a little further.


Reading is one of the fun activities to do by train. A long journey allows you to read a novel by your favorite author’s, make sure that your book is properly installed in your hand luggage when you prepare your suitcase. Bring what you want to read, be it magazines, novels, or why not newspapers. The train is stable, and you can keep your books quietly without worry.

Enjoy your laptop

To distract yourself on a train, watch all your favorite movies, plug in your headphones and watch them one by one. If you are a fan of the series, download them to your computer and watch all the episodes. The advantage of traveling by train these days are many, but what is very important to know is that the trains are all modernized, and each seat is equipped with electrical outlets to recharge your mini pc if necessary.

Listen to music

You surely have a tablet or a smartphone, use it to listen to your favorite songs from your playlist, it’s one of the nice things to do on a train.

Play your favorite games

Games help kill time, and it’s very useful if you’re traveling by train with children. Download travel games for children on your mobile device, or why not bring your comfort with you, it can occupy them for a few moments.


Another way not to get bored on the train is to sleep. Relax, take off your shoes, and sleep as much as you can, enjoy your journey to gain strength. To be able to sleep easily, put on your sunglasses with tinted lenses, use your iPod, plug your ears with the earpiece and loop your playlist and let yourself be lulled by the music, put your head on your cushion. Remember to set your phone’s alarm to wake you up when you arrive at your destination station.

Meet other people

One of the nice things about a train trip is chatting. If you are traveling alone, this is the perfect time to make friends. It’s too annoying not to be able to talk to anyone during a long train trip, be friendly and chat with the person by your side.

Stand up

Have fun on the train, get up, greet passengers on other trains, do a little stretch to avoid having numb legs. Take a walk, take videos of everything you see inside. Take advantage of all the services onboard the train, visit the restaurant cars and why not eat and drink a little because sitting too long is also very cumbersome and boring.

Take pictures

Another fun thing to do on a train is to take pictures. If you are a photography buff, take pictures of the landscapes if you can. Otherwise, photograph the atmosphere inside your train, take a picture of the street vendors, travelers, the interior decoration of the train, and why not take a little selfie!

Social networks and the Internet

Another entertainment to do during a train trip is social media. Your best ally is undoubtedly your phone connected to mobile internet, chat with your friends on social networks, publish statuses like I love traveling by train with your photo, surf, the internet allows you to do so much activity to do in-line, the choice is yours.