Do you get bored when you travel by train? 7 easy ways to entertain yourself

Traveling jdl688 is a pleasure for many, some say that you have to enjoy the trip more than the destination, however, if we travel by obligation, or the trip takes place in a means of transport that does not allow us much freedom, and it is long we will make it very heavy.

Our rail network is extensive enough to allow us to travel almost anywhere in our country, so it is quite frequent to choose the train as a means of transport. For this reason, we want to help you combat boredom on long train trips in a very simple and fun way. Keep reading!

How to combat boredom when traveling by train

Traveling by train is quite comfortable, but we are limited, in the sense that we are in a closed space and we do not have the capacity to decide on stops, schedules, etc. and in the society in which we live, constantly besieged by various stimuli and the obligation to make decisions, this can be a small shock that can make us bored. However, thanks to current technology and the use of our imagination, we can find simple ways to entertain ourselves when traveling by train:

Enjoy the scenery

In our day today, we are saturated with visual information, the news, the Internet, mobile phones, television … We receive and process everything in the form of images. Paradoxically, this makes us more and more immune, and we develop less the ability to look. Very few people stop to watch a sunset or the beauty of a certain environment.

Traveling by train gives us the opportunity to stop for a moment, take a deep breath in our window seat and let ourselves go enjoying the beauty of the environments through which the train travels. There are painters who are pleasantly impressed by the images they enjoy on their train trips.

Take advantage to read.

Accompanying us with a book or magazine is good advice for long train trips. Nowadays, we do not need to carry large books because, in the ebook, we can contain an extensive library in a minimum space. Of course, if we get dizzy, this will not be the best entertainment option.


The train is a good space to meet different people. If we are lucky, our seatmate will be as avid for conversation as we are, and we may even discover that we have many points in common. It would not be the first case in which a more lasting friendship arises from a long train journey.


It is one of the possibilities offered by the train; there are even those that have sleeper cars. It may not be the most comfortable space in the world, but a good nap will allow us to arrive much more rested at our destination.


This is one of the most entertaining ways to spend time on the train. If we are very classic and we are accompanied, we can play ‘I see I see,’ but if we cannot download a game on our mobile, or even bring a small game console and enjoy the leisure time provided by the trip. Of course, let’s try to put on headphones so as not to disturb the other passengers.

Watch a movie or series.

If we take our tablet or computer, we can take advantage of to see that movie or series that we had pending for a long time. In addition, many trains also already offer complete entertainment services for their customers through the network that allows them to watch movies, series, listen to music, or surf the net.

Take a little walk

One of the possibilities that the train allows us is to get up and move down the aisle to exercise our legs and not stay stiff. In addition, most trains have a restaurant or bar car.